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Flatfoot Design is a one-man design studio focusing on creating beautiful user-interfaces, illustration, and identity design for human beings.

What I can do for you

User Interface Design

I specialize in creating interfaces for the web, gesture and touch interactions, and mobile platforms. I aim to create pixel-perfect layouts with a human touch.

User Experience Design

Understanding your users makes all the difference when designing a great product or experience. It's a strange mixture of empathy, scientific guess-work, and imagination that defines how I do UX.

Web Development

Living and breathing HTML, CSS, and Javascript let's me handle your front-end development needs. If you have more complex development needs, I know some folks in the city who can help you out.

Logo & Identity Systems

Having a logo that says what you're all about isn't enough these days. Your logo is part of a ecosystem that has to work together to communicate your brand. And that's the goal of every ID project I take on.

Design Process


Research and planning kick off every project. I'll work with you to determine what the goals of the project are and to define what a successful project will look like.


I start with lo-fi prototypes, wireframes or sketches and then move to build hi-fidelity design mockups. Lo-fi prototypes really help shape the overall project and allow for a more iterative design process.


In this phase I'll start building the prototype (or code it with HTML, CSS, and Javascript). I can also prep the design files to be handed off for production with someone else.